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National Holidays of the Kyrgyz Republic

There are two moveable feasts based on the Muslim calendar – Orozo Ait, the day of Sacrifice and Kurman Ait, which marks the end of Ramadan.

If a holiday falls on a weekend then parliament often decides to make the Friday or the Monday a non-working day instead.

(This list is important for those wanting to cross Torugart and Irkeshtam because the pass is closed at weekends and on holidays.

Nonworking holidays in The Kyrgyz Republic are:

Jan 1st – New Years Day
Jan 7th – Orthodox Christmas
Feb 23rd – Army Day
Mar 8th – International Women’s Day
Mar 21st – Nooruz
May 1st – Labour Day
May 5th – Constitution Day
May 9th – Victory Day
Aug 31st – Independence Day
Nov 7th – Anniversary of the October Revolution

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